Forage Club

This was a freelance project started for a client. Tony wanted a site where he can share his health and diet tips and sell organic meat and other natural products. I was able to dive into a lot of new territory with this site since I really started everything from scratch - from setting up the domain name and web hosting, to installing wordpress itself and setting up mailing lists, etc... The site is on hold at the moment in the "work in progress" phase.


Tony wanted the site to be created with Wordpress so that he could easily go in and update pages himself. We worked together to chose a template that was closest to what he had in mind and I customized it further to his liking. Used: Photoshop, Wordpress, HTML/CSS


This is the final logo design for The Forage Club. Used: Illustrator


Here are a few of the banners from the site. These were used for the image rotation on the homepage. Used: Photoshop